Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bad Macbookpro Logic Board? Repairs are Cheaper Than You Think!

When it comes to apple computer repair, there are many different options. There is of course the apple stores. We both understand the price tag associated with repairs done at the apple store. Hence, why you are looking online for a better and less expensive option. There are repair shops out there doing actual apple logic board repairs. Mind you, not a replacement but rather repair of the board in your machine.

Doing a repair this way saves A TON of money. The costs are less because only failed or known to fail components are replaced. Since only the components are replaced there is no need to purchase a complete replacement apple logic board. The only trouble is finding an apple computer repair center that can actually perform this complicated task with precision and in a timely manner, that can fit your buzy time table.

The average logic board repair should run no more than $250 dollars. That is less than half of what the same repair would cost is the apple stores performed it. An added bonus is a smaller family owned shop has less customers and therefore less apple computers to repair logic boards in. This helps contribute to less down time or lack of an apple computer to do your daily internet responsibilities, like apple computer blogging for example.

Always make sure the apple logic board repair for your imac, i book g3, i book g4, i mac, mac book, mac book pro, or even g4 desk top includes testing. There are shops out there that do not test the apple logic boards before they send them back to the customer. This step is CRUCIAL to making sure you do not receive another broken apple logic board in the mail or broken apple computer.

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