Monday, 10 April 2017

Solutions for Problems With iPhones

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As children fall asleep clutching their favorite stuffed animals, adults hold the same technique but instead of holding a blankie or stuffed animal under their pillow, they have their iPhone. An iPhone has become working adults' sidekick. They use it as they are falling asleep and immediately when they wake up. To some, it become almost like a personal assistant or even a friend, and when it breaks, it is detrimental to its user. Repairing iPhones is simpler than one might think. It is possible to replace a broken case, screen, replace a battery, and even repair an iPhone motherboard.

Thinking of purchasing a brand new iPhone should be a last result for repair. iPhones do not run cheap, and to replace one could cost hundreds of dollars. For some, it is not even the money that matters. They learn to love and depend on their iPhone. They grow attached to their special apps, how to use it, all the programs and schedules, and of course your contact list. Replacing parts can get tricky, especially with parts as complicated as an iPhone motherboard. However, when faced with the alternative of saying goodbye forever to your iPhone, users will take whatever measures necessary. For in the end, to lose a cell phone is bad, for a computer to break down is worse, but to not have your iPhone anymore is the worst as it is typically used as both a personal computer and a cell phone.

Once you have made the decision to fix your iPhone rather than replace it, there are some important things to remember. First of all, unless you consider yourself a computer and technology savvy individual, chances are you know someone that has more experience with computers and such. Have a friend or family member that is familiar and comfortable with iPhones to take a look at yours. He or she could possible repair any damage that is done to it by replacing the screen, putting in a new battery, or even repairing the iPhone motherboard. Don't try to fix the phone yourself, especially if you know of someone with more experience than you.

Surprisingly enough, someone you might consider to take a look at your phone is your teenage son or daughter. Teenagers in this day and age have an uncanny understanding of technology devices such as computers and handhelds. While their parents might be at a loss of words, their teenage children will take them right to the problem and possible solution. If they problem is with the iPhone motherboard for example, then they can work with you to find a replacement that could be purchased online.

If in the end, there is simply no hope for repairing your iPhone, think about the possibility of selling your iPhone for parts when deciding to get rid of it. Similar to old cars, sometimes parts sold separately can turn a larger profit than attempting to sell it as a whole. You could try selling the screen, case, battery, and iPhone motherboard separately. With the money you make, you could afford to purchase a new iPhone. Don't give up on your iPhone too quickly, first see if there is an available solution to fix the problem.