Wednesday, 4 November 2015

HP Pavilion Laptops Vs Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Price: One of the most obvious differences between Apple and HP laptops is in their price. Apple laptops are usually about twice as expensive as HP laptops. The important question is whether the price is justified. The more expensive price tag is justified in terms of design, specs and performance. Whether you need these extras is a completely different issue.

Design: Many would agree that Apple laptops generally have a more sleek design compared to regular laptops. They are made of environmentally friendly materials and appear a little thinner than normal Windows based laptops. HP laptops on the other sports more adventurous designs, often decorated with patterns and motifs.

Features & Performance: With Apple laptops costing so much more, they usually do come with a set of powerful specs. The highlights of an Apple MacBook Pro in terms of performance would be the Mac OS, powerful graphics card and great performance. Apple computers are known for their superb multitasking performance. They also have a much longer battery lifespan compared to regular laptops. HP laptops on the other hand have great emphasis on entertainment and hence, come with many features in that aspect. Although the specs may not be as powerful as an Apple model, they do come close.

Overall: It is evident that Apple MacBook Pro laptops usually have more powerful specs than a HP laptop but whether it is worth double the price is a subjective issue. If you are looking for a stylish and powerful laptop (and have the extra cash to spare) an Apple laptop would make an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful, affordable and straightforward laptop (and don't need a powerful graphics processor), a HP laptop will make an excellent buy.

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