Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Apple Macbook Laptop - Is it Worth It?

It has long been well known that Apple laptops (and desktops) are more expensive than Windows based laptops and for that reason, has made it to be a sort of 'designer' goods in the laptop world. Despite that, the Apple MacBook has been one of the best-selling brands of laptops around the world.

For those who are starting to get curious on whether a MacBook is really worth your money, these are some of the questions that are commonly raised: Are they more durable than regular laptops? Are the more powerful than other laptops? Are they better (or more fun) to use? At the risk of being crucified by Apple laptop fans, the answers to some of the questions above are almost always a resounding 'No'.

From the many consumer polls conducted over the internet, Apple MacBook laptops are just as durable as some of the top laptops brands in the market (such as Sony, Toshiba, etc). Then again, this is a subjective matter as the durability of a laptop is strongly dependent on its use. In terms of specs (such as processor speed, RAM and storage), a Windows based laptop of the same price will often get you much more. An Apple MacBook will almost always never come up on top in terms of price-specs ratios.

So are there any good reasons to get an Apple MacBook at all? Fortunately, there are many. For instance, the MacBook almost always have a longer battery life than a Windows based laptop of the same specs. In terms of design, they are also usually lighter than other laptop models. Most of them come with gigantic track pads and some of the models even have illuminated keyboard for typing in low-light conditions. In terms of ease of use, I would say the Mac operating system is good enough of a reason to get an Apple laptop. As a frequent user of both Mac and Windows OS computers, I can testify that the Mac OS definitely have its own unique appeals. Then there is of course the undeniable 'cool' factor. Thanks to its sleek design, one-of-a-kind features and spectacular branding, the Apple MacBook is easiest the most 'chic' laptop brand in the market.

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