Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Top Key Features of the ASUS PC Tablet

When it comes to choosing the best PC tablet, there are certain limitations which often come with compact and smart designs. These limitations are often to do with performance but ASUS PC Tablet which is AUS EEE ep121 slate, will give you no limitations in performance at all. This device has been made to change the impression of tablets. It gives you all those enhanced and advanced features which any desktop or laptop can provide you. With its flawless designing, you will have no hesitation in holding it in your hands throughout the day, which is often an issue with some tablets.

The key features of the EEE ASUS tablet are very different to other devices of its size. It possesses a 12 inch pressure sensing LED technology which also has the new and advanced technology of multi-touch. The graphic configuration of this device give you a full entertaining HD experience for playing games and watching HD movies. Its compactness can also be seen from its width which is just one inch and it is made of Gorilla glass which is supposed to possess the most durable properties in this contest.

When talking about operating systems, it fully supports windows 7 and in fact it comes with Windows 7 Home edition. With 64 GB of hard drive space and USB 2.0 support, you can store endless amount of data in your device whether they are your pictures, your documents or your work sheets.

ASUS Tablet Pad has built in support for flash content which allows you to enjoy the entire web streaming live in your device. You will also get wireless broadband inserted in the device and it also gives you with the additional feature of Bluetooth. This feature allows you to synchronize your device with your mobile phone and other Bluetooth supported devices.

With a powerful processor of intel core i5-470UM, you will be able to open the most heaviest applications on this machine. I have used applications like visual studio, Microsoft office 2010 and they run so smoothly on this device that you do not even think that you are using a compact device. When it comes to battery life then, with all the above specifications which are not less than any laptop, you obviously should expect some lag but it is not too much as you can get more than 4 hours of battery life in a good working conditions and screen at 500 percent.

Now, the big question comes that whether you should buy this device or not. The answer will be simple if you want a laptop's performance in a more compact and smart design then, you have no better options than ASUS PC Tablet. It provides you with compact design, light weight, great performance and a very reasonable price. If you compare the prices of other similar devices with this tablet then, you will conclude that there is no match to its performance and economy. So go for it and enjoy all the features.