Monday, 13 July 2015

Laptop Computer Repair - Clean Computer Fan

All laptop computer repairs are not created equal. The same computer repair can vary greatly from model to model.

This article will take you through the steps of how to repair a computer in order to keep it running cool. On some laptop models, it is very easy to remove and clean the CPU fan, but on others you will need a skilled technician to do the job. Cleaning the computer fan, for example of an Acer Extensa, is very easy. To begin, you will need the following equipment:

1. Small screw driver

2. Can of compressed air

3. Tube of thermal paste

First, start by removing the five screws at the bottom of the laptop. Gently pry up the cover. You might hear a slight popping noise during removal but do not worry it should come out with no problem. Next you need to remove the five screws holding down the heat sink and then the two screws that hold down the CPU fan. Beware, there is a connector attached to the fan, you need to make sure you pull on the plastic connector to remove it, do not pull on the cable.

Second remove the heat sink from the computer and spray it with the compressed air to blow off any dust and dirt that has accumulated. Then remove the fan and do the same thing but make sure you hold the fan wheel in place when you blow it with the air. You do not want the fan to spin because the blades are delicate and they could get damaged.

Finally, the last step of this computer repair is to inspect the heat sink to see if the thermal paste, which will be sitting on a small copper plate, has hardened and cracked. If the paste is still the consistency of toothpaste, it does not need to be replaced. If however it has hardened, take a credit card or some other thin plastic piece you can use to gently scrape off the hard material on both the heat sink you removed and the plate inside the computer. Do not use a knife or any other metal object to insure you do not scratch the copper surface. When you are ready to apply new paste, first wipe off the surfaces with a paper towel and then blow them off again with the compressed air. Put a little dab of paste on the heat sink and spread it evenly and place the part back into the computer.

You are now ready to put the fan back with the two screws and do not forget to reattach the connector. Do not torque down on the screws, you do not want to warp the motherboard underneath by making the screws too tight. Also when you replace the back cover, work your way around in a star pattern while tightening the five screws, this will help to get an even fit all the way around the cover.

Please view our two videos that will take you step by step through this repair: laptop fan cleaning video one and laptop fan cleaning video two.

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