Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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Lenovo is also the world's biggest computer maker, however it's clearer than ever that a lot of of the company's growth currently comes from mobile. The Chinese school large has according athirty % year-over-year jump in its calendar fourth quarter profit ($265 million) that is owed part tohuge spikes in non-PC shipments. Its smartphone deliveries grew by forty seven % to thirteen.9 million, and its pill volume tripled to three.4 million -- apparently, the Yoga pill has been flying off the shelves. 
The combined mobile units were enough to eclipse pc shipments of fifteen.3 million, and "PC Plus" devices (phones, TVs and tablets) painted sixteen % of its total revenue versus theeleven % from late 2012. that is no mean exploit once Lenovo simply managed to realise its highest-ever revenue, at $10.8 billion. And bear in mind, this is often all before the corporatefinishes effort Motorola's phone business; its best times should still be ahead.

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Wireless charging has been something of a boon for smartphones and portable electronics, and if Lenovo and Dell have anything to say about it, it should be available for laptops and tablets soon. The Alliance for Wireless Power has updated its standard to include devices that require up to 50 watts - which would catch quite a few laptops and basically every tablet on the market.
Intel expressed its own desire to eliminate all wires within the next few years, including a system that can transfer power through a thick wooden desk.
There are quite a few challenges, however, including the lack of a singular standard for all devices. Still, the idea of universal wireless chargers in airports and coffee shops is an alluring one.