Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Add More RAM For Speeding Up Your MacBook

Having less space in your system is the worst of all the feelings. But now you can add more RAM for speeding up the Mac. You can just follow a few simple steps with which you can get more space for your MacBook.
Purchase More Memory For Your Mac
Depending entirely on your system, an additional RAM (Random Access Memory) can be added to the MacBook. The RAM allows different programs to store the information into an accessible quick memory, which increases speed at which the programs can operate.
Determine The Memory You Have Currently Installed
Different systems need different types of the RAM. MacBooks would use a different RAM than the desktop Macs. Similarly, different models would use different speeds as well. Make sure that you research well if you can even add more RAM, as well as about what type of the memory you need to purchase for the Mac model.
· To learn about how much memory have you installed, along with the speed of your memory, click the menu of 'Apple' and select the option of 'About This Mac'. It would open a new window showing the installed OS X version, your memory, and your processor.
· If you have installed the 2GB, and you wish to install 2GB more, it might not be as easy as buying and inserting a stick of the 2GB memory. Chances are, you have 2 slots for RAM, out of which one has 1GB stick currently installed. If you wish to upgrade it to 4GB, you will be required to buy 2 sticks of 2GB.
· The screen does not really tell you about how much of the memory your system would support. You can install typically up to 4GB, though some models of the MacBooks only support memory up to 2GB. Make sure that you doublecheck the documentation to learn how much memory can be used.
Open The Computer
You would need to remove back casing from your laptop if you wish to install the MacBook memory. Make sure that you remember which screws go to which holes, as some of them may be of different sizes. You would be required to remove the entire case if you wish to upgrade a desktop computer so you may access the components.
· When you are working with the components inside your computer, make sure that you discharge all the static electricity by just touching bare metal of your laptop casing.
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