Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How To For Obtaining A Free IPad

There's a difference between a free lunch and an iPad. One is a myth, the other a reality. For those on the inside, it's quite easy to get hold of iPads for free permanently or for temporary use, and even with small rentals. This may seem frivolous, but it's actually a life-saver for someone who desperately needs a tablet.

To start with, a lot of app and device testers get to use iPads for free. That's because many companies prefer to get their apps thoroughly tested by professional testers before putting it out on the app store. While the perks - like a free iPad - are considerable, it's also required to know how to test apps for bugs and provide feedback and suggestions to the developer.

Even Apple sometimes needs testers for R&D. This is an even more cushy position, where the tester gets to play not just with tablets and MACs, but all kinds of secret Apple devices and software that haven't been launched. It's a great job, but not so easy to get in.

Another way is to visit establishments where guests are provided tablets for use while they're there. This would be like a hotel which offers iPads in-room or a restaurant where they have an iPad at each table. It's quite common these days, and the trick is just to find a place like this where one can spend time.

Yet another way would be to rent one while traveling. There are companies that rent out iPads to travelers on a per day charge. The charge is a very basic and quite affordable, and the company will probably ask for a refundable deposit which the traveler gets back on returning the device.

But by far the best and simplest way to permanently get a free iPad is to sign up with a survey or marketing company. These companies need consumers willing to use certain products, and these products will be given to the consumer for free. Many are throwing in an iPad for free, because it attracts more people to try out all the products and provides better overall results for the survey.

One day soon, iPads will be a dime a dozen on the street, same as mobile phones. But right now, there are millions of consumers pining to get their hands on one. For those who can't afford it yet, there's always an easy way to get an iPad for free.

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