Friday, 9 October 2015

The Best Way to Carry Out an iPhone Repair

Should you be an iPhone owner then you really like your iPhone. You enjoy it so much which you use it all of the time. 1 factor which you don't enjoy about your iPhone is the battery life. Even though much better than most devices available on the market, the iPhone battery can still have some difficulties. Even so, there is certainly an simple iPhone repair that could address the poor battery life problem.
The iPhone repair that we'll be talking about entails replacing the battery. If your iPhone 6 charge is not lasting a full day, if your battery percentage is constantly changing up and down, or your telephone is no longer turning on, then this really is also the iPhone repair that your telephone demands.
So that you can perform this iPhone repair, you need to be ready using the proper tools, parts and patience. The tools necessary for this repair will be the Phillips and Pentalobe screwdrivers, a plastic pry tool and certainly a brand new replacement battery. Essentially the most critical factor would be to not lack confidence when approaching this repair. It is quite straightforward to obtain this iPhone repair completed in below fifteen minutes and with minimal knowledge. 
Follow the instructions and you will do just fine!
Step 1.
You may need to first get rid of the two extended screws situated on the bottom of the iPhone. These screws will call for either the Phillips or Petalobe screwdrivers (depending on your model). They're situated subsequent towards the charging port.
Step 2.
When the two bottom screws are removed you might be ready to open up your iPhone 6. To do this you may just take the back cover and slide it up and lift it out away from the iPhone. It's as effortless as that. Even so, please Do not press down on the back cover for the duration of this process because it can break from minimal pressure.
Step 3.
In order for you to take away the battery from the iPhone, you may have to remove 1 screw holding the battery terminal in location. Use the Phillips screwdriver and eliminate this screw to ensure that it is possible to disconnect the battery from the motherboard.
Step 4.
Right after the screw is no longer holding the metal battery terminal in place you'll be able to gently use your plastic pry tool to pull the terminal up and lift it out from the motherboard. When this really is carried out there will probably be nothing else holding the iPhone 6 battery in place. Locate the plastic, clear, tab which goes underneath the iPhone battery and pull up on it. You could need to use some force because it is glued to the bottom of the iPhone housing. If it proves to become too tough then use your plastic pry tool to get underneath the battery and support pull it out.
Essentially you just replaced your iPhone 6 battery. To complete this iPhone repair follow these actions in reverse order to assemble your precious iPhone. Do not forget to test it to ensure that it powers on and is totally functional. 
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