Friday, 16 October 2015

What to Consider When Buying a Cheap Laptop?

Sadly not everyone in this life can afford to spend $1000 on a laptop, in fact most people would struggle to spend $1000 on anything the way things are at present. But a laptop or computer device of some kind is pretty much essential for everyone. From kids to adults, we are unwittingly immersed in the technological world. From work to pleasure, people are on a device of some kind, and hey we may not be rolling in money but we can afford the odd luxury, can't we?

SO what are the important things to consider with a budget laptop? Looking to spend less than $500 on such a device, are in luck. The market is flooded with all sorts, from unknown brand to massive giants like Dell and HP. Where am I supposed to start?!

Well let's start with brands. I am very open minded and will give anything a try once however when technology is involved, I am less inclined to venture in to the unknown. And it is also very apparent from our tests that named brands win on all levels, but especially where its important and that is with warranty.

Then next most important features are making sure that the product you choose actually does what you need it to. For the vast majority the Chromebook type device will not cut the mustard; however it is still a very competent bit of kit, very fast and powerful if you do not need 3rd party software€¦ In general you should be thinking about what you will be doing most, if you are a writer then the Chromebook may tick this box, if you need to edit photos and other more bespoke software requirements, you will need a Windows based operating system with Windows 8 installed.

Next we move on to performance. The speed and performance of the graphics hardware will be a massive factor in most people decision. Generally speaking you should be looking at dual core AMD processors, or the new i3 and i5 series from intel. This is not a be all and end all however, many of the new mobile intel processors are in fact exceptional and as with all the reviews on our website, only the best laptops are chosen to be reviewed anyway.

Finishing off the hardware is the screen and display. Having a bad quality display will let your entire experience down. The visual aspect of your interaction covers everything from movies to reading. Bad screen is a no no.

Finally, but possibly most importantly is the price. We are all aware that a $499 laptop will be better than a $350 one, but whatever our budget, we stick to it and get the best one can afford.

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