Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why is My Laptop So Slow? - How to Speed Up Laptop Effectively

Have you noticed that your laptop is not as fast as it used to be? Most people notice it happening and think that it is just unavoidable. The whole slowing process is actually reversible. In this article, I will show you what exactly you should do to speed up your laptop.

The first thing you can do to speed up your laptop is cleaning unnecessary files. Windows requires a few gigabytes to store its cache files and perform correctly. Files that are deleted does not disappear right away, they are stored in recycle bin for recovery in case you want them back. Internet explorer occasionally stores temporary files and tend to use a lot of space in your hard drive. Deleting these temporary internet files will let your laptop perform efficiently.

The second thing you should do to speed up your laptop is disabling redundant startup programs. In this process you are basically being selective of what your computer should do and keep it as efficient as possible. Click on Start then click run, type msconfig and enter. System configuration windows will open. Click on startup tab and deselect programs you do not really need. You will be able to see the results once you try starting up or shutting down your computer.

The third step is easy but requires time equal to how big your hard drive is. When you click start button you can see all programs, hover your mouse on accessories then system tools and click on defragment. Defragmenter program will open and in there you can choose which drive you want to defrag. What is defragment? Imagine your files as papers stored in folders and your hard drive as a shelf filled with folders. This process basically puts all the papers that belong to one program together in one folder so your computer do not have to look in many folders just to get the next paper for a program. The process is hard to understand but you can see the result right away after this process. Your programs will run faster than before.

The last and the most effective step to make your laptop faster is registry cleaning. Windows has its own system files also known as registry files and they occasionally got corrupted. As you know computers usually goes slower as they become older. Corrupted system files are the main culprit behind this. Most people and companies now use registry cleaner programs to enhance their effectiveness and avoid down times. These programs are specially designed to repair broken system files and therefore assure optimal performance.

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